Hackintosh CustoMac

Completed my first build a couple weeks ago and it is running stable. 

I opted for cheapness while maintaining future proofing it so as not to run into upgrade problems later. So how much would one have to fork out for a semi beast with optimal compatibility?

I think I ended up spending DKK2500,- for the computer and another DKK500,- for peripherals such as keyboard and mouse and a couple USB keys.



the GA-Z87M-D3H motherboard has the options I want and was @ the right price point. It has one 16x and one 4xPCI-E and 2 PCI slots. 4 DIMM slots give me an easy achievable 16-32GB. I does not have the display port that the MX version has, but I will get that from  a GTX 650 TI BOOST. 

I followed this guide here


and here is a snip from the guide. So, it's very step by step and if you get the exact parts described, you can just parrot and then enjoy. 

1. To access UEFI Setup, press and hold Delete on a USB Keyboard while the system is booting up

2. Set to Optimized Defaults.
3. Set X.M.P. Memory Profile to Profile1
4. Set XHCI Mode to Auto not Smart Auto
5. Set XHCI Hand-off to Enabled
6. Set EHCI Hand-off to Enabled
7. Set VT-d to Disabled
8. Set Intel Processor Graphics to Disabled
9. Set SATA Mode Selection to AHCI
10. Set PCIe Slot Configuration Gen3

I just upgraded to a dedicated GPU, the nVIDIA GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB and 8 GB more RAM. 

This actually boosted the performance from 10.000 Geekbench points to 11.300



The only hiccup was actually yesterday when it froze and I restarted via the reset button, which resulted in a "Unable to find SMBIOS". Problem solved by doing a cold start.

Had an issue a couple of times where the bootloader got corrupt. This resulted in a "Boot0" error. Which it wasn't. But easily solved by reinstalling Chimera with chameleon wizard or Multibeast




Dumpster Monster

This Franken-Monster was put together from 3 dead PC's and a chipset cooler from an old G5, scores between 6-7000 on Geekbench



Q9450 Core Quad 2.66 12MB Cache

Geekkbench results for the Z87 hack

Geekkbench results for the Z87 hack


Sandisk benchmark