Sigma 85mm 1.4 EX HSM BokehWonderMonster

I got this little nifty half KiloGram chunk of optical glass steel and rubber. It is a very nice lens, very very very nice indeed. With the purple fringe remove dropper tool in Lightroom there is is no downside tothis feat of optical ingenuity. My preferences when I buy glass is:

  1. IQ - all the qualities must come together nicely to produce pleasing results
  2. Resolution - I like contrast & sharpness
  3. Size - I like big lenses, they demand respect and they look cool
  4. Feel - I apreciate the sturdy feel of good mechanics

This beast gets a big fat checkmark slapped across each single bullet point. There is so much glass packed into this baby it is a joy to open the 9 bladed aperture with a finger and looking through.